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Imagine photographs that leave the discomfort of pre-scripted posing and studio lighting at the door.  Family photos that don’t require matching outfits, perfectly groomed or well-behaved children.  


Sounds dreamy right?


I can offer you just that!

Hello! I’m Robyn Field. As a photographer, nothing makes me happier than to witness your family and create photos you will treasure and hold close to your heart for a lifetime.  I come to your home and follow your family as you live your life.  I capture the fleeting moments of magic in an ordinary day. In just a few hours or a full day shoot, I photograph the morning rituals, meal times, playtime, bath time, prayer time, bedtime, and even the occasional tantrum or squabble.  I can follow and capture a full day at the beach or a half hour at the grocery store. All of the wonders that make up the complex, intense and fluid moments of family life. I deliver photographs that are authentic, honestly documented and emotion-filled. Images that may have been held only as a memory are forever preserved PLUS you will enjoy the experience! Learn more here.


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Servicing  New York, Westchester, Fairfield,  and the greater New York area.

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